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Hair Analysis Sample Results: Case #1

Hair Analysis
Sample Results
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This 41-year-old female had blood work performed in order to be insured. She obtained an "elite" blood-work standing. She was very healthy and the insurance companies wanted to insure her. However, this patient knew she had issues. For instance, she had lacked a menstrual period for 29 months. She had a thyroid goiter but her thyroid blood tests were all normal. She has had acne, poor digestion, an inability to tolerate fats and meat protein, fatigue, insomnia, and constipation. The results of her hair analysis provided her a window to her health or lack thereof.

For starters, if we look at the bottom of the hair analysis results it shows significant mineral ratios.

The Ca/K (calcium/potassium) ratio is referred to as the thyroid ratio because calcium and potassium play a vital role in thyroid activity regulation. The ratio also does not always correlate with blood thyroid tests because hair analysis is a tissue test. Often blood tests will be normal but hair analysis will indicate an impaired thyroid function. A normal ratio is 4.0. This patient's current ratio was 284.00. Remember, her thyroid blood-work always came back normal. Hair analysis revealed a potential trend of a thyroid disturbance. Why should she wait until the disturbance was more advanced for her blood tests to be abnormal? Click here for some symptoms of reduced thyroid activity.

Another important ratio is the Na/Mg (sodium/magnesium) ratio. This is referred to as the adrenal ratio because sodium levels are associated directly with adrenal gland function. Aldosterone, a mineral corticoid adrenal hormone, regulates retention of sodium in the body. In general, the higher the sodium level, the higher the aldosterone level. The Na/Mg ratio also is a measure of energy output, because the adrenal glands are a major regulator (along with the thyroid gland) of the rate of metabolism. This patient's ratio was .11, when ideally it should be 4.17. Click here for symptoms of an underactive adrenal gland.

Then the next ratio that should be looked at on this case study is her Zn/Cu (zinc/copper) ratio. Her ratio was 11.54 but the ideal ratio should be 8.00. What this could mean for the patient is that she has a copper deficiency or copper that is unavailable but can be excessive in her tissues. In this situation, it was determined she had a hidden copper toxicity. Click here for copper toxicity symptoms.

Her levels on the graph did not show excessive copper (her level is 1.3, and 2.5 is ideal). Dr. Akin’s experience has proven that very low levels—generally below 1.0—indicate a hidden toxicity. This situation illustrates why the phone consultation with Dr. Akin about the results is so important.

The first protocol for this patient was to address the copper toxicity since a copper toxicity could affect her thyroid and adrenals glands. Click here for the copper toxicity protocol she followed. Remember, this protocol was specific for her and should not be used by anyone else unless the individual has consulted with his or her own health care professional.

It also was important to acknowledge her mercury and aluminum levels. Click here for detoxification options.

This patient followed the copper toxicity protocol, suppository chelation therapy, some diet and lifestyle changes, and removed her amalgam dental fillings. After retesting, it revealed the required changes to her nutritional and detoxification protocol. Dr. Akin thought she could now address this patient's adrenal and thyroid glands. Click here for the adrenal and thyroid protocol she followed. Again, this protocol was specific for her and should not be used by anyone else unless the individual has consulted with his or her own health care professional.

To date, this patient's journey to wellness has been remarkable but is still a work in progress. Please click below to view the retest hair analyses to see the progress to date.

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