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Hair Analysis Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Analysis
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What is a hair analysis?

Hair tissue analysis is a screening test that analyzes twenty minerals and toxic metals that play a vital role in human health. Minerals function as essential components for enzyme systems that regulate virtually every body function.

Through the correlation of pertinent data, a properly performed hair tissue analysis can assist in identifying mineral patterns which may be associated with stress patterns, blood sugar imbalance, glandular imbalances, abnormalities in biochemical energy production, toxic metal poisoning and other important health information.

Once the results are obtained, what happens next?

Dr. Akin will set up a phone consultation to go over the results, which is included in the fee. This is important because research has shown that replacement therapy, given those minerals that are deficient on the hair analysis, is not an effective method of balancing body chemistry. Instead, your supplement program should take into account the complex relationships between minerals, as well as between minerals and vitamins. Therefore, a mineral that is low commonly will not be recommended and a mineral whose level is high will be recommended. This method is essential to the success of a nutritional program and detoxification program. See the sample of a hair analysis result and case study.

How to follow a supplement program

The supplement program is based upon the tissue mineral analysis of your hair. For optimal results, follow the program exactly as outlined. Do not combine the A.M., Noon, and P.M. dosages.

Supplements may be taken before, during, or after meals.

If it is necessary to reduce the number of tablets, take the program twice, or even once per day, instead of three times per day.

Some people find that they obtain faster progress by taking the supplements for six days, followed by one day without the supplements.

What to expect from the program

Generally, most individuals will notice some degree of change within a few weeks of beginning the program. However, each person is different and some respond faster than others.

The program is designed to restore your body's energy system and for this reason many people will feel an increase in their energy levels. If this occurs, do not immediately increase your workload and obligations. It is preferable to conserve the newly found energy, like putting money in the bank. Otherwise, you may slow your progress considerably.

It is possible you may observe increased fatigue for a while. This is referred to as retracing and is discussed in the following section.

Conditions will be addressed in their own order, not necessarily in a sequence that you may think is most important. For this reason, you may notice improvement in certain areas first, while others require more time for correction.


As your mineral pattern shifts back toward normal, you may experience various temporary imbalances in your body chemistry. This process is called retracing, because you retrace old mineral patterns that you previously may have experienced.

If imbalanced body chemistry or retracing persists, consult with your doctor or health care professional. If you stop the program for a day or two, this often will enable your body to stabilize and then you may resume the program.

Temporary discomforts may occur as toxic metals are eliminated from your body. The metals are excreted from the tissues into the blood as they are eliminated and can cause a temporary rash, metallic taste, etc. These reactions rarely last more than a few days.

For further information, see Understanding Retracing and Healing Reactions.


Retests are recommended in approximately three months. Retesting is essential because as your body chemistry changes, the diet and supplement program should be adjusted to meet your current needs. Otherwise, the program no longer will properly balance your body chemistry and your progress will cease. Under no circumstances should you remain on a program more than six months without a retest.

Time Factor

Balancing an imbalanced body chemistry requires time. In many cases, normal everyday minerals have been replaced in the body tissues with toxic metals. These toxic metals often are so tightly bound in the tissues that they may not show up on the hair analysis on the first or second test. However, three or more minerals below normal on a test can be an indicator that there is a "hidden" metal toxicity. The process of undoing and rebuilding may require six months to years depending on your condition at the beginning of the program. It is a well-known fact that it often takes six months to replenish one mineral, such as iron in a patient with iron deficiency anemia. Most individuals have numerous imbalances to correct. Also factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress, medications, etc., can alter mineral levels and ratios and can affect the rate of improvement.


When beginning your program, we do not recommend that you stop taking any medications. However, as your metabolism improves, some medications gradually may be reduced. This is best administered under your doctor's or health care professional's supervision.

This program is designed to be preventative in nature. There may be a number of metabolic trends indicated, but many of these may not be symptomatically expressive. The goal of this plan is to help you achieve optimum health through proper diet and supplement recommendations.

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