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Since 1990, Dr. Kathleen Akin has developed a successful nutritional & detoxification wellness center and chiropractic practice. She is committed and passionately devoted to the principles and practices that the body has the innate intelligence to create and heal itself. However, she also believes one has to incorporate the five facets of health in order to achieve optimum well-being and longevity. She strives to seek out the latest innovative techniques to help her patients, family, and friends.

She received her doctorate in chiropractic from Logan College in 1986 and became a certified sports physician from National College in 1995. She has numerous years dedicated to hair tissue mineral analysis, GI panels, adrenal and hormone saliva testing interpretation. She provides a natural approach to improve a person's health status through nutritional supplementation and detoxification methods.

Her clinical appointments have been the Cincinnati and Toledo ballet and the Broadway Series at the Taft Theater. Besides assisting as a sports physician for the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tournaments, she has been the physician for the country of the Bahamas Davis Cup Tennis Team, traveling extensively throughout North and South America.

Dr. Akin is a member of the Advisory Board for the Medical Wellness Association.

In May of 2009, Dr. Akin was appointed the team physician for Mid-West Sliders, a minor league baseball team. Her duties included pre-season physical evaluations, massage and manipulations, and attended to any emergency medical emergency.

Personally, she embraces life to the fullest. She is the mother of two children and owns a Caliver King Charles Spaniel named Sophie. She loves to exercise daily, work around the house, and visit with her family and friends. She always tries to be a positive influence and mentor to the people she comes in contact with.

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