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What is a mineral ratio?

A mineral ratio is a pure number consisting of one mineral level divided by a second mineral level. Mineral ratios often are more important in determining nutritional deficiencies and excesses than mineral levels alone, although both are important and should be considered together. The understanding of mineral ratios is extremely exciting and much more revealing than analyzing mineral levels alone.

The Importance of Ratios

Ratios are often more important than levels.

Ratios represent homeostatic balances.

Ratios are indicative of disease trends. These are not diagnostic but are research associations.

Ratios are frequently predictive of future metabolic dysfunctions or hidden metabolic dysfunctions.

The following ratios apply only to tests run at Analytical Research Labs, Inc. Other labs may wash the hair in various ways, or use other laboratory instruments or procedures that result in different mineral values.

Ratios can be used to chart progress. However, one must consider all the important ratios, as well as mineral levels, symptoms and signs.

Frequently, one or more ratios will look worse on a retest. This does not necessarily mean that the patient's health status is worse.

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