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Detoxification: Chelation Therapy

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Chelation (pronounced key-lay-shun) is a process in which toxic metals or minerals (such as lead, mercury, iron, arsenic, aluminum, etc.) are bonded to another substance—in this case, an amino acid, EDTA—and removed from the body. It is a natural process, basic to life itself. During EDTA chelation therapy, unwanted metals are bonded to the EDTA and then removed from the body through the urine. Click here to learn more.

Chelation therapy is a safe, effective alternative to drugs and surgery, and can be used to treat conditions that are linked to the presence of toxic heavy metals—illnesses such as:

Traditional chelation therapy uses an intravenous drip, and is administered in the outpatient setting. The number of treatments varies based on each person's individual condition and/or goals of treatment. The average therapy is given one to three times a week for 20 to 30 treatments.

How Long Has Ca-EDTA Chelation Therapy Been In Use? Why Don’t More People Use It?

Ca-EDTA chelation therapy for the detoxification of heavy metals has been in use since the 1940s when it was introduced specifically for the treatment of lead poisoning. It was observed very quickly that as the metals were eliminated, not only did the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning abate, but problems related to the circulatory system like heart attacks, angina, strokes, and peripheral vascular disease also improved. For the past 50 years, well over one million people have received the intravenous form of Ca-EDTA chelation. As beneficial and life saving as this therapy has become, it is very expensive and time-consuming, making it out of reach for most people.

Why is Ca-EDTA So Much Better Than Other Types Of Chelation Therapy?

According to Dr. Bruce Halstead, who is recognized as the 'Father of Chelation Therapy':
"The chemistry of all chelators is such that a change of pH can dramatically affect the process of chemical binding needed to chelate a mineral or metal. When you use a less effective chelator-such as Magnesium EDTA-you lose all chelating ability of the two most essential heavy metals: lead and mercury. Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA has a dramatically lower chelating effectiveness than Calcium EDTA because both magnesium and potassium dramatically decrease the pH in the blood environment to which it is introduced. Any factor decreasing pH renders EDTA less effective. Once the pH becomes lower than 7.38, it's no longer chemically conducive to any bonding or chelating."

Ca-EDTA means Calcium EDTA.

Click here to learn more about the effects of pH on your health.

Do I Need Ca-EDTA Chelation Therapy?

We find that we exist in a far more toxic and hostile environment than our bodies were designed to handle. Experts have shown that almost every health problem—from learning disorders, cancer, neurological problems, to heart disease—is aggravated by the approximate 1,000% increase in lead levels in our bones. In 1999, it was reliably reported that hearts with some form of disease have 20,000 times more toxic heavy metals than healthy hearts.

"Human exposure to heavy metals has risen dramatically in the last 50 years as a result of an exponential increase in the use of heavy metals in industrial processes and products," says Maile Pouls, Ph.D. (Towsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, July 1999).

A recently concluded "Body Burden" study by New York's Mt. Sinai Hospital and the Environmental Working Group was reviewed by University of Oregon Professor Joseph Thornton:

"It shows the universality of chemical contamination of people's bodies," Thornton said. All the studies "...confirm the general message that everybody in our society has these chemicals building up. Some people have it worse than others, but everyone has it. No one is clean anymore." (Miami Herald, “Being Careful Can't Keep Chemicals Out Of Your Body,” February 1, 2003.)

Today we know that about one of every 2.5 Americans will get cancer. Ninety-eight percent of cancer is caused by toxic chemicals. When 50% of all men and 33% of all women living now will die of cancer, something is terribly wrong. We all will function better and live longer if we lower the overall burden of toxic metals within our bodies. If you eat or breathe, you probably will benefit greatly from chelation therapy.

Is Ca-EDTA Chelation Therapy Safe For Children?

Case studies were conducted on lead poisoning in children. The study showed no significant increase in BUN (blood urea nitrogen) or creatinine levels even in very young children. A lower dosage and time release formulation of the therapy prevents renal toxicity.

What Makes Kelatox Chelation Therapy the Best Method?

Kelatox is a rectal, time released suppository with added anti oxidants that bind and remove harmful heavy metals from your body while supplying added nutrients. Kelatox brand of suppositories use 900 mg of Calcium Disodium EDTA with 100 mg of Vitamin B3 and 100 mcg of Selenium in a Cocoa Butter base with methocel E4M premium USP for a time release effect. Each suppository will dissolve through body heat and gradually spread over the lining of the colon and be absorbed directly into the blood stream in approximately 90-120 minutes.

EDTA is a synthetic amino acid first manufactured in the 1940's that has proven to be the best broad based heavy metal chelator with very few adverse effects. The half life of EDTA is 20-60 minutes and is excreted primarily by the kidneys within 24 hours but may also be excreted through the bowels. Almost none of the EDTA is metabolized. Since the vast majority of the EDTA will be broken down and not utilized while taken orally, the rectal route of administration is very effective. By using suppositories, the EDTA bypasses the gastro-intestinal tract which means very little will be destroyed by the acids and enzymes in the GI tract allowing for a very high utilization rate. Also, by using a suppository a majority of the EDTA will bypass the liver and kidneys on first pass putting less stress on those organs and allowing the EDTA plus anti-oxidants to remain in the body longer giving it a better chance to bind with harmful metals.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended EDTA chelation therapy for lead poisoning and other toxic heavy conditions for decades and is widely accepted as the best form of treatment for such conditions. Harmful heavy metals may cause or help exacerbate conditions as far ranging as decreased circulation, degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, decreased adrenal gland function, and Autism. The human body requires about 70 trace elements/minerals for optimal function such as magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese but there are several heavy metals that are classified as toxic to human physiology and include lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium and nickel. These harmful heavy metals have no place in the human body and may be toxic at very low levels making the need to remove them significant. This fact alone makes Chelation therapy with Kelatox "the first step to any intelligent nutritional or detoxification regimen".

This chelation therapy is private, convenient, and less expensive. Until now, the only successful way to administer Ca-EDTA has been intravenous or intramuscular—both ways are difficult, expensive, and time consuming. This product allows you to administer the therapy at home easily, safely, at about 30% of the traditional cost. Finally, you have a viable alternative to invasive I.V. needles, expensive office visits, and time consuming treatments.

Where Can I Get This Kelatox Chelation Product?

It is now available without a prescription. Click here to purchase this product. If you have any further questions, please contact Dr. Akin.


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