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The medical doctors told me that I had ALS and that I should go home and die; no cure, no treatment.

ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease is a terminal illness and the life expectancy is five years or less for 95% of people with the disease. It is my belief that ALS is caused by toxins, primarily neuro toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals. Following that theory I have lived fifteen years with ALS. I'm one of the few people in the whole world to live that long AND have a great deal of improvement. This has been accomplished by avoiding toxins in my environment and detoxifying my body.

My primary measuring stick has been the hair analysis. To my knowledge it is the only measuring device available for toxins. Blood tests are unreliable for heavy metals and other toxins.

I've had five hair analyses in the last several years.

The first one indicated that I had a high amount of heavy metals including mercury. That's when I began the detox treatments.

The second hair analysis indicated a reduced and more normal level of my toxins.

Then, after several months my improvement leveled off and I had a third hair analysis. As I suspected my heavy metals, including mercury, were back up. I had been eating more fish and I believe that raised my mercury level, so I quit eating fish immediately and began more detox.

After several more months, I had my fourth hair analysis and now my heavy metals were all well below the acceptable level.

A fifth and more recent hair analysis indicates my heavy metals are even lower than before so I must be doing some things right and my improvement continues.

It is my belief that I would not be here today and/or would not have the improvement I have if it weren't for the hair analyses providing me with direction. I have also made adjustments with my nutritional supplements of vitamins and minerals based on my hair analysis and I'm certain that that has helped me too.

Again, I may be the only ALS survivor in the whole world who has lived this long and with all the improvement.

For more evidence of the value of a hair tissue mineral analysis, see The Arsenic Story.

Eric Edney

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