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Eric Edney submitted the following information as more supporting evidence for the value of hair analysis.


One of the most preferred ways of murdering a spouse over the last hundred years or more has been by the use of arsenic. It is most preferred because it is probably the best way to commit murder without being caught. You must, however, administer the arsenic over a several month time period to avoid detection. I can remember seeing a movie way back in the 1930s called "Arsenic and Old Lace." The story was about two old maids living together and one tried to kill the other by this method. Apparently it is still going on today because the following story took place in the 1990s.

The following story appeared on the TV show called "City Confidential" on the A&E channel at 3:00 PM, June 20, 2005. This story was taken from court records and police files.

Richard and Nancy Lyon lived in Park Cities, Texas. Richard was convicted of murdering his wife with arsenic in 1991. Evidently the doctors were unable to properly diagnose her illness to prevent her death. It wasn't until the autopsy that they discovered the cause of death. I find it very intriguing that medical doctors are unable to recognize when someone is being purposely poisoned, especially when you consider that this has been going on for well over one hundred years. Who knows how many people have died from arsenic poisoning and the doctors were unable to diagnose it and prevent it.

Another true story based on police records also occurred in Texas. A woman murdered five members of her immediate family with arsenic. She also collected on life insurance on each and every one of the five. She killed her husband and her own children for this purpose. Although each one of them went through a lengthy illness before they died and was seen by their doctor many times, evidently it was never properly diagnosed. It is obvious that the arsenic did not remain in the blood stream or it would have been detected. We know from other evidence that arsenic and other heavy metals accumulate in the body organs and tissue.

It was not until the fifth person died and was buried in the ground that the police became suspicious. Duh! They exhumed the last person to die and performed an autopsy. Everyone has trace amounts of arsenic in their body tissue. However, the autopsy found twenty times more arsenic than normal. This lead, of course, to further investigation and conviction of the woman. The autopsy found arsenic in the organs, body tissue, and in her hair. Did you say hair? Yes! Now you cannot do an autopsy on a live person. HOWEVER, you can test the hair of a LIVE person. Why didn't they do this when the people were sick and BEFORE they died? The answer lies in what the doctors know and don't know. Most doctors do not know about hair analysis availability and/or they choose to ignore it. Evidently they are not taught this in medical school and/or it is not a recommended diagnostic tool by the AMA (American Medical Association). Most medical doctors follow the guidelines of the AMA strictly.

You probably know or should know that we live in a highly polluted environment here in the USA. Much of the pollution is heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, and lead. These are poison. You and I both know that many people die from our polluted environment and I believe most of the deaths are caused by these same toxic heavy metals. However, if a person gets sick from heavy metal poisoning, it may not be recognized until after the person dies; just like in the above story of arsenic poisoning.


These stories illustrate how several lives could have been saved by early detection of arsenic. The hair analysis would provide early detection and some form of detox treatment could have saved their lives.

Thousands of people could be saved every year by the use of hair analysis and/or detoxification to pull the metals from the body tissue. There are two drugs approved by the FDA for heavy metal detox: Chelation with EDTA is approved for removal of lead and chelation with DMPS for mercury. Each of these drugs will pull some of the other heavy metals from the body tissue also. However, the AMA does not approve of these drugs for any other purpose; only when you have so much lead or mercury in your body that you have what they call lead or mercury poisoning. That means that your body is so saturated with one or more heavy metals that it shows up in your blood test.

Heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, and lead are in our environment and people are dying from these metals. Isn't it ironic that a TREATMENT IS AVAILABLE and yet most DOCTORS ARE UNABLE TO DIAGNOSE and/or treat this condition?

Note from Dr. Akin: Eric Edney’s web site is included under Links in the menu. Also, please see additional information here.

Eric Edney

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