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High Tech Health, Inc.
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In September 2002, September 11 of all dates, TruGreen ChemLawn came to our home in Kingwood, TX. I was told by the company that they were using safe Pyrethrins on our lawn, trees, and shrubs and that everything would be applied safely. As the days and weeks went on, I became increasing ill, with symptoms I have never experienced before in my life (i.e., confusion, dizziness, difficulty breathing, increased sensitivity to smell, irritability and finally nose bleeds and headaches). Nothing had changed in my life and environment other than ChemLawn came. I contacted the company and asked for the MSDSs of the chemicals that were applied on my property. Sure enough, there it was, Acephate/Orthene, an organophosphate, one of the most deadly and damaging pesticides in use today. Luckily, I connected my symptoms to the potential dangers and symptoms of organophosophate poisoning. I don’t know how it  was coming into my home but it was and I was becoming seriously ill. I called the company, told them to cancel my contract and that I was certain that I was having trouble with their chemical. On October 11, an unannounced ChemLawn driver showed up to treat my property again (they did not cancel the contract and I was not home). They applied their treatment a second time. When I arrived home, I was furious when I saw the little signs telling us to keep off the lawn. Within 3 days after that I could not walk, talk clearly (I was slurring and lisping) or think worth a damn. Finally, when blood came dripping out of my nose falling onto my desk and rolling out of my ears, I knew that I was on the way to the morgue real soon, if I didn’t: #1 get out of my home and #2 get some help.

Again, luckily I am a biochemist and had some background in the kind of help I needed. I contacted the right doctor (Dr. Robert Battle). He performed the proper blood work. Sure enough, my cholinesterase enzyme was severely depressed. I was sent to Dallas to a world renowned Environmental Medicine Clinic. It was there that I got introduced to the mechanical means of detoxifying fat soluble toxins, like pesticides, solvents and heavy metals out of the body. Fortunately, I am a woman of research and found High Tech Health. I contacted Mr. Bill Johnson, who was more than helpful and he was able to get a Far Infrared Sauna to me within 5 days of me getting out of the environmental clinic. As the weeks went on and the effects of the pesticide residuals wreaked their havoc on my immune system I became chemically sensitive. A miserable condition where everything in your environment make you noxious, your skin burn, your muscles ache, and your head tingle. Especially things like perfumes, exhaust fumes, fabric softeners on people’s clothing, etc. It’s like you can smell the manure on an ant’s leg 1000 miles away. Bill had described that I would have to go through the bad to get to the good and that is exactly how it went.

After spending every day in the sauna for approximately 5 months, I became a normal healthy functioning person. The perfume that others were wearing wasn’t bothering me anymore; the formaldehyde from my office furniture was not even noticeable, whereas before I couldn’t tolerate even sitting at my desk longer than 30 minutes. I then decreased the number of times per week that I was going to the sauna. After about 2 months I started noticing a considerable increase in my sense of smell again. I began going to the sauna religiously again and within weeks my sensitivities normalized. This was proof to me that the Far Infrared Sauna from High Tech Health Inc. was working and that it was an integral part of my detoxification program. I can honestly say that without the infrared sauna from High Tech Health and getting started with it as soon as I did after the poisoning, I don’t know whether I would be alive to tell this story, let alone as functional as I am. I will never go many days without going to the sauna. I feel fantastic and full of energy after getting out of the sauna. I am confident that it is relieving my body of daily environmental burden and preventing serious harm to my body from the pesticide poisoning. It has helped save my liver, my life and many of my clients’ health has benefited from it as well. Thank you so much for offering such a high quality, high tech tool for our health and future wellness.

Tamara Jo M
Kingwood, TX

Advanced Family Health - 1.800.528.4223

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