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After recently receiving an ALS diagnosis, many traditional western medicine doctors don't offer you any advice and very little direction in terms of alternative treatments.  We refused to accept this, but to properly pursue supplement regimens and detoxing, you need a road map to guide you in your decisions and options in these areas. Regardless of your ailment, you want to be sure your body is functioning at peak levels to ensure you can have the strength and stamina to either fend off other medical issues or fight against your primary health concern for a very long time in peak form.

None of this is possible without knowing first what status your body is in. The money spent on the hair analysis and fantastic report has thus far provided me with more information than anything prior.  It was strange to see the report and how they basically described my personality and lifestyle based on nutrient depletion and nutrient/mineral ratios.  We have now adjusted my supplements and detox methods and I anxiously await my next test to see the changes and improvements.

Roger C.
Broomfield, Colorado   USA

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