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The following is an excerpt from a letter from Barbara M., R.N. As Barbara's body chemistry has improved, her interest in food has also changed dramatically.

The excerpt reads:

"...I'm feeling really good and it has taken a long time - January 28th until now!! Something amusing has happened which I would like to share with you. After what seemed like an existential crisis (i.e., extreme depression for no apparent reason) I suddenly craved a piece of steak, not only steak, but rare steak. I have been a vegetarian for ten years and the idea for all this time would have been one of the most repulsive thoughts imaginable!! I began to eat steak and I simply can't get my fill, rarer the better! Delicious!! In addition, I note an increased supply of energy and I don't need as much sleep. I am now interested in sex and my life now, is more concerned with experiencing than analyzing. It feels great. You really have something there, Dr. Eck. Well done."

Thank you, dear friend and doctor.

Barbara M.

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